Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Episode 2- Yar I'd Be Delighted

This week the boys are back with episode 2, and after a brief discussion of Rob's living arrangements, they dive right into the Fox Dr. Who Pilot only to find plot holes that could eat black holes, a DNA surprise that Maury Povitch wouldn't have seen coming, and end up face to face with The Master a.k.a Eric Roberts for their biggest celebrity "interview" yet. So join them for news, reviews, all the WHAT that you want in WHO!

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News Notes
Check out David Tennant's shaggy do  and see the details of the 8th Doctor's USA DVD Release on Topless Robot.

And the Huffington Post reports on Eric Roberts VH1 driven rehab.

The Fox Promo Reel for the 8th Doctor's adventure

The 8th Doctor's Entry in the Tardis Wiki

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